Monthly Archives: November 2011

Art Classes

I did art at school but unfortunately, I didn’t continue it for my GCSEs which I now regret.  On 1 October 2010 I enrolled onto a 10 week art class, that was held every Friday 09:45-11:45 at a local community centre.  I was so nervous about attending.  My health wasn’t brilliant and I’d lost a lot of self-confidence.  I was really pleased with the warm welcome I received.  I was also really pleased with my first drawing (Boot Study) and had lots of encouragement from my art teacher and fellow students.  The last 3 weeks was dedicated to Project pieces.  My teacher gave everyone title ideas for us to go away and produce a picture in any medium we chose.  My project piece was Britishness (you will find this in Mixed Media).  I was really sad when the course came to an end as I enjoyed it so much.

I re-enrolled in January 2011 this 10 week course also sped by.  We worked on various different topics and in loads of different mediums which was really fun to do.  My project piece for this term was from a title given A Quiet Place, my interpretation was White Bridge (you will find this in Mixed Media).  When the course ended I couldn’t wait for the enrolment lines to re-open so I could sign up for the Autumn term.

The Autumn term started on 4 November 2011 and I have really enjoyed this term so far.  There are only 2 weeks left.  I’ve really enjoyed this term as much as the other and I’ve already enrolled for the next term in January 2012.  I’m currently working on my project piece which I’ll will upload as soon as I’ve completed it.