Abstract Landscape I – Work In Progress

At my art class on 20/01/12 my teacher set the subject Landscape with the options of doing either a traditional painting or an abstract version.  The other criteria set was to use a colour triad (we’re using the 3 primaries red, yellow and blue).  We could use either High Key colours or Low Key colours or a mixture of the two but, only one of each red, yellow or blue.  All the colours we need are to be mixed using just these 3 colours.

I’ve decided to do an abstract painting, and I have also decided that I’m not too keen on the Low Key colours as they are much more subdued where as the High Key colours really appeal to me probably, because they reflect more of my personality.

The paints that I am using are Reeves Acrylics.  The Low Key colours I tried were Brilliant Red (I wanted to use Burnt Sienna but, it was too brown and I couldn’t make a decent orange), Yellow Ochre and Cerulean Blue Hue.  The sketch at the bottom right (as you look at it) is the Low Key colours.

The other 3 sketches are all High Key colours and I’ve chosen to use Crimson, Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine.

The bottom left hand sketch (as you look at it) I was experimenting with textures unfortunately, the camera didn’t pick them up very well.  The purple field I applied the paint thickly with a knife then dabbed with the knife to produce a raised effect.  The lines in the red and green fields above the purple field were achieved by scrapping back with a knife.  The pink field was applied again with a knife and scrapped back in a random fashion to create another different texture.

I’ve still got some more sketches to do before I finally settle on the one that I am going to use to produce a larger finished painting.

I will of course keep you updated with the progress and I will post the finished painting as soon as it’s completed.


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