Monthly Archives: February 2012

Goldwing – Work In Progress – Update

I decided to do a bit more work on the Goldwing this afternoon.

Goldwing WIP

I am slowly progressing towards the finished drawing.  I’m breaking it down into half hour sessions and so far to get to this stage it’s taken 5 hours.  I’m really enjoying the process and the challenges it poses.

Abstract Landscape I – Completed!

I finally finished my first abstract landscape today.  You can find it under the Acrylics tab.  I used lots of different techniques to achieve different effects for some of the fields.  I really enjoyed painting it.  I’m going to purchase some Acrylic Modelling Medium and do another one using some of that.  I’ll of course post that on here once it’s completed.

Goldwing – Work In Progress

Dave (Hubby) suggested that as I’ve painted this motorbike in watercolours why not try doing a tonal drawing of it.  So, today I decided to give it a go.  


I’m finding it quite a challenge!  The scanner hasn’t picked up the two aerials at the back so, I’ll have to draw them darker for them to show up.  The drawing is on A4 sketch paper.

Abstract Landscape I – Update

Today in class my art teacher helped me work out which elements I’m going to use from my sketches.  I also had a really good play at creating different textures too.  I have made a start on my A3 painting.  I’m going to purchase some modelling medium for acrylics to see what effects I can create with that.  I’m really excited about this painting.  My art teacher says she can see a whole series of these coming from me!!