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In art today my art teacher got us to explore the different techniques of Pointillism.

I really enjoyed experimenting with different strokes and different combinations of colour to create optical colour blends.

As you can see below these are the different strokes and colour mixes I came up with using watercolours.

In next week’s lesson I am going to attempt a couple of ATC/ACEO’s in Pointillism just to see what the effect will be and also to have a couple of completed pieces in this style.  I’ve chosen to do those as they are small enough to finish.  Some Pointillism paintings can take years to complete….I don’t think I have that much patience!


First Lesson Of Term

This morning my art teacher had lined up a very challenging observation lesson to kick-start the new term, we had to sketch baskets!

My art teacher started off explaining how to breakdown the composition to make it easier to tackle.  The first basket I attempted I couldn’t do I just couldn’t render the close weave of the basket.  I switched to another one, only to be told by my art teacher that the one I was managing much better was actually far more complicated!  After 20 minutes of drawing that basket my art teacher swapped them all around so we had another different basket to have a go at. 

I really enjoyed the challenge and I will definitely not shy away from objects in the future, if at first I think they are too complicated, I will try and break it down as my art teacher did to more manageable sections to recreate it.

We had the option of doing a tonal drawing or to introduce colour in any medium of our choice.  I chose to paint mine in watercolours as I wanted to work quicker and complete them in class.  I knew if I did a tonal piece which I would of done normally I wouldn’t complete one let alone two.  I’ve posted my basket studies under the Sketches tab.

Next week is Pointillism and I have never ever attempted it so can’t wait for the lesson!

My First Art Gallery

I went to The Walker Gallery today, I hadn’t been to an art gallery before so, wasn’t too sure what to expect. However, I loved every minute of it.  All downstairs was ceramics, sculptures, textiles etc. and upstairs was all the paintings.  I was totally awestruck at the shear expanse of space that was filled with wonderful works of art. There was art from the medieval periods all the way to modern art, some of the canvases were enormous.

I left feeling very inspired and eager to hone my own skills.  I am already looking forward to my next gallery visit whenever and wherever that may be!

Goldwing Completed

Today, I finally finished my tonal drawing of a Honda Goldwing 1500 GL.  I didn’t think I would ever get it finished, as it took 7 hours to complete (15 minutes each session)!!

I did thoroughly enjoy doing it though and I found it really challenging too, I’ve posted it under the Graphite Drawings tab.