Monthly Archives: May 2012

Cottage Door – Completed

I completed my Cottage Door today in my art class.  I haven’t painted in this loose style before and it was definitely out of my comfort zone however, I really enjoyed it and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  I mixed all the greens that I needed instead of using the ready-made ones straight from the tube.  I definitely feel more confident in mixing my own colours now I understand them better.  I have posted the painting under the Watercolour Paintings tab.

Next week I am getting the Water-Mixable Oil paints out as I recently bought 2 miniature canvases and I can’t wait to paint something on them.


Art Class Project Weeks

It is nearly the end of term and for the last three weeks we can do our projects.  The subjects were, Architecture, Foliage or The Gathering or something else of our choice.  We can also use any media.

Cottage Door (WIP)

I liked the idea of doing a cottage door with flowers growing around it.  I’m about half way through and I’m hoping to finish it next week.  I haven’t decided what I am going to do for the last day of term yet so, I’m going to have a good think and see what inspires me.  I’m using watercolours and trying a loose painting style which is new to me as I like lots of detail.

My Hand – Work In Progress

Hands are difficult to draw so, in today’s lesson we concentrated on finding the best ways to go about drawing them.

We started off drawing around our own hands and then filling in the detail and tones.  As you can see I haven’t finished mine yet so, I’ll finish it at home later.  We were also going to try different poses.  Only a couple of people managed to do 2 different sketches.  I’m going to do some different poses.  It was also suggested that we get a mirror and draw our hand’s reflection and a final challenge is to draw our hand holding a clear glass.  I’m keen to try that too, so, once they are completed I will post them.

The next 3 weeks of term will be for project work.  I have chosen to do a cottage door with flowers around the door frame.  This incorporates 2 of the project titles Architecture and Foliage.  I’m really looking forward to starting it.

Finished Works In Pointillism

Today, at my art class I started my two ATC/ACEO’s.  I had already planned what I wanted to do before the lesson and had lightly drawn the designs onto the cards to save time.

Quite a few of my class mates just couldn’t get on with Pointillism so, they made a start on their projects.  I started the “I Love Art” in the lesson and then finished it off when I got home.  I decided to to the other ATC/ACEO afterwards just so I had them both done ready to show my art teacher next week.  You can find them under the ATC/ACEO tab.  I haven’t titled one of them yet as I’m not too sure what to call it.