Monthly Archives: June 2012

Harley-Davidson Trike Completed

I managed to finish the trike today and I am really happy with the way it turned out. 
I have posted it under the Graphite Drawings tab.

I’m not sure yet what I am going to draw and/or paint next.  I have a few projects that I would like to attempt…and before you ask there are no motorbikes in the list!

I Must Be Mad!!

I know I said I wasn’t going to do another motorbike for a while…..well….I’m currently in the process of starting a drawing of a Harley-Davidson trike!

I must be mad!!  I was chatting with a friend on-line and we were joking about motorbikes and he mentioned in passing about me doing a Harley-Davidson trike as a joke.  However, the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of attempting one.  I’m going to do a tonal drawing in graphite first, then once it’s done, I’m going to consider maybe, doing a painted version.

I haven’t progressed very far with it yet but, when it starts to take shape I will post it’s WIP.

I’m Really Happy!!

My friend called in to see me today and I was finally able to show him the 2 versions of his Goldwing that I did for him ages ago.

He was delighted with them both, I was so amazed by his reaction!  I’ve been worrying encase he didn’t like them.

I’m going to get the watercolour and the graphite version framed for him.  Once, I have done that then, he can have them.  I’m really happy!!

Last Day of Term

Today was the last day of term, we set out our work and half an hour before the end of the lesson, our friends and family turned up.  We had laid on tea, coffee and something to eat for them.  There was a guy doing some videoing at the centre and he also came in to video us at work and our artwork out on display. 

We all said we would miss our Friday lessons and are all eagerly awaiting for the enrolment lines to open in July so that we can sign up again for the start of term in September.