Monthly Archives: November 2012

Wet-in-Wet Oil Technique

Today in my art class we learnt a new wet-in-wet technique for oil paintings.

We each chose a painting that inspired us then once we started off laying a base of liquid white oil paint all over the entire board (it’s really goes on smoothly and is totally different to normal oil paints), then using just the slightest amount of blue we painted in the sky then, painted the water and then started on the distant background and then built up the foreground and the trees.

I really enjoyed this technique although it isn’t suitable if you use water-mixable oils so, I used my teacher’s traditional oil paints.  I was very surprised at how little colour was needed to produce the sky and the water.  With the under painting all the colours really glided on it and mixing the colours actually on the board was so easy.

You can see my finished landscape under the Oil Paintings tab.

Wellington Boots – Work In Progress

I made a start on this painting today in my art class, I’m using acrylics which, isn’t my favourite medium.  I have a long way to go before it is completed and lots of mistakes need to be corrected too.  I will post the final painting under the Acrylic Paintings tab once I have finally completed it.

Pen & Wash

Today was a great lesson!  For the first time ever I used pen to create a base drawing instead of using pencil.  I found working with pen made me work faster, which was really surprising.  The initial quick sketch was just roughed out using a pencil then we went over the lines using a pen.  It helped take some of the fear factor out of diving straight in with pen.  We then put a watercolour wash over the top and slowly built up the colour.  I have posted Wellington Boots under the Watercolour Paintings tab. 

I had some time to spare as I finished early so my art teacher said I had time to do some more paintings.  A friend had brought in an illustration of a glass jar with Cranberries in it.  So, I decided to do a painting of that.  I ended up in fact doing two paintings of the jar as I got carried away!  I have posted Glass Jars I & II under the Sketches tab.  I see them as fun doodles, although my art teacher and fellow class mates thought they were really good.