Pen & Wash

Today was a great lesson!  For the first time ever I used pen to create a base drawing instead of using pencil.  I found working with pen made me work faster, which was really surprising.  The initial quick sketch was just roughed out using a pencil then we went over the lines using a pen.  It helped take some of the fear factor out of diving straight in with pen.  We then put a watercolour wash over the top and slowly built up the colour.  I have posted Wellington Boots under the Watercolour Paintings tab. 

I had some time to spare as I finished early so my art teacher said I had time to do some more paintings.  A friend had brought in an illustration of a glass jar with Cranberries in it.  So, I decided to do a painting of that.  I ended up in fact doing two paintings of the jar as I got carried away!  I have posted Glass Jars I & II under the Sketches tab.  I see them as fun doodles, although my art teacher and fellow class mates thought they were really good.


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