Project Weeks – Week 1 & 2

I have decided to go with just the 4 balls as the bowl just didn’t help the composition, I’m going to use watercolours for my final painting as I think it really suits the subject.

Friday, 30 November 2012
I can’t believe it is coming to the end of term already!

I have decided to use one of the project titles given to us, Blue & White China.  I have 4 balls and a bowl that I keep them in, I call it my “Therapy Bowl”.  My counsellor came up with the idea to help me visualise all the good things in my life and they give me a tangible thing that I can hold onto when my depression kicks in.  I also keep a tissue in it, that I can shred and throw away whenever something irritates me or annoys me, it really does help me rid myself from those emotions.

I have decided to start off with some thumbnail sketches of various compositions to determine which one I am going to use for the final painting.

Once I am happy with the composition I am going to do the painting in watercolour. 


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