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First Day Back After Half-Term

For our homework over the half-term period we were given some of J.M.W. Turner’s paintings to research and then give a critique to the class about the painting(s) given.  I had 2 to research they were:

Light and Colour (Goethe’s Theory) – The Morning after the Deluge – Moses Writing the Book of Genesis)  I really like this painting it does feel like I am coming out of a huge storm and seeing the first glimpse of blue sky. I get a great sense of the violence of the water slowly calming down. The more I look at this painting the more I see.
The Slave shipThis painting fills me with mixed emotions. When I first looked at it I was drawn to it’s lovely sky and the movement of the sea which I love but, then I noticed the bodies left behind as the ship sails on to her destination. I can definitely see and feel the message that Turner was trying to convey.
After giving our critique’s we then tried using the lifting out technique to produce rocks that are visible under the surface of the water.  

Mountain Lake (WIP)

I decided to use oil paints today and later next week I will try the same technique with watercolours.

Exhibition Entry!

I am a member of Outside In it’s an art community and you are also able to create your own gallery of your artwork.  They are holding an exhibition for the Central Region at the Compton Verney Gallery in Warwickshire.

I entered my Glass & Nature drawing, although I wasn’t expecting it to do anything, at least I had made a step forward to getting my art “out” there.

I received and email today telling me that although it didn’t make the main exhibition it will however, be shown on a looped DVD.  I was amazed that it had been accepted for the DVD I wasn’t even expecting that!  I am so thrilled!  I am definitely going to go along and see it.

If you would like to visit the exhibition it is on from 23 March – 15 December 2013.


In my art class over the coming weeks we will be looking at water.  Today was great fun trying out different techniques both in pencil and watercolour to try and depict still water. 

We started off by using the side of the pencil and rolling it on the paper then going back in and defining some areas. 

We then looked at different techniques using watercolours by experimenting with, dry brush technique, wax resist, Masking Fluid, Gloss Medium for Acrylics, Iridescent Medium for Watercolours and some wet-in-wet technique.

I will upload the images and post them under the Practice Pieces tab. 

Flowers Continued

Today, I started another flower painting this time however, I used a totally different approach.  Instead of masking out the flowers, I decided to wet the entire sheet of paper and drop random colours all over it and just let them bleed together and mix on the paper.  Whilst I was waiting for that to dry I was able to finish my Poppy that I started last week.

Once the background was completely dry I picked out the shapes of Tulips and enhanced them by strengthening the background around them rather than painting the Tulips themselves. 

I really loved both techniques and I will definitely use them both in the future.

I have posted both paintings under the Mixed Media Paintings Tabs as once they were both dry I then added some pastel pencil to strengthen and enhance them.