Playing With Pens

My art classes start again on Friday 19 April and we will be starting with the usual observation lesson first but, this time we will be using pen!  We haven’t done much pen work to date so it will be an exciting lesson and a very challenging one.  I am really looking forward to gaining confidence using this medium.

Today, I decided to have a go at a couple of pen drawings.  My first attempt wasn’t great I decided to try to draw straight with pen without any form of under drawing and it was a bit of a disaster!  I ran out of paper towards the top and ended up squashing up the composition.  Next I decided to do a tracing of the outline to give me some guidance and transfered that to the paper I was using.  I then went over the top with pen.

With my “safety net” in place, I felt much more confident, I knew the balance in the compostion was sorted so, that then left me free to concentrate on working out how the different pens worked and what effects I could achieve.

I have posted the two drawings under the Pen & Ink Drawings tab.


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