Weeks 5 & 6 – Art Inspired By Another Artist

We were give 3 artists to investigate they were: Carry Akroyd, Edward Bawden and Alphonse Mucha.

We were then asked to do our own piece of art that was inspired by one of the artists adding to the challenge was the fact that all three where renown for their print work and we were to paint or draw our version.  I really enjoyed researching all three and I liked these images that I found.

Fenlife by Carry Akroyd
Play with Me by Edward Bawden

Zodiac by Alphonse Mucha

I really liked Edward Bawden’s work so I decided to go with him.

I missed week 4 of doing this as I was away.  Not wanting to be left behind I did a quick sketch whilst away to show my teacher today.  I wasn’t sure if I had captured the style of Edward Bawden, and wanted her to have a look.  She agreed I had, so I progresssed my sketch further.

I wasn’t sure whether to do my final image in Gouache or in pen so, to save myself some time in class I opted to start the drawing on Bockingford Watercolour paper, that way both options were covered.  My art teacher and I agreed to opt for the pen option as I would be able to achieve finer detail.

I have posted the final image under the Pen & Ink Drawings tab.

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