Monthly Archives: November 2013

Derwent Art Academy – 3 Classes Done 3 To Go!

I decided to sign up to the online Derwent Art Academy course, once you complete the 6 classes and graduate you receive a certificate from the Academy and a tin of Derwent pencils!

I am really enjoying it, I’ve only completed 3 classes so far, they are great fun to do.  When you submit each of your drawings you receive an email and then the next lesson is unlocked.

I have posted my submissions under the Practice Pieces tab, why don’t you sign up and have a go yourself!

Project Week 2 – Buttons

I decided this week to use charcoal for my first A2 (16″x23″) composition.  I really like working in charcoal it’s great for working on large pieces and it’s really messy and fun!

For my mid tone I decided to use sandpaper to grate the charcoal against and then used a soft cloth and gently rubbed the charcoal into the paper.  I then used charcoal sticks and charcoal pencils.  I lifted out some of the charcoal with my putty rubber to create the highlights.

I have posted my drawing under the Charcoal Drawings tab.

Project Week 1 – Buttons

This is the first day of the start of our project weeks.  The criteria for the project is to use small objects (I’ve chosen buttons), do a drawing/painting maximum size of A5 (5″x7″) and then do another drawing/painting minimum size of A2 (16″x23″).

I spent today working out the composition for my graphite drawing.  I have decided I’m going to use A6 (4″x6″) paper and do a life-size drawing in graphite.

I’ll post it under the Graphite Drawings tab once I’ve completed it.

New CafePress Shop

Rob and I decided that it would be a great idea to sell our artwork on different products such as clothing, bags etc.

After a lot of trial and error I managed to set up our Hamtunscire Art shop on CafePress.

We are hoping to add more designs soon.

We’ve already made 2 sales 1 in the UK and 1 in the USA.  It’s really exciting knowing that people will be buying and wearing/using products displaying our artwork.