A Quick Catch Up On Recent Events

I apologise for the lack of recent posts but, I have been rather busy.

After losing our beloved Copper in January we decided we couldn’t live without another dog.  So, instead of getting just one we have taken on two puppies.  We got Gizmo (3/4 Staffy x 1/4 Lab) first he was 10 weeks old and is now 9 months old and then we got Lily (Lurcher) who was 9 weeks old and is now 5 months old.  Now they are a little older I can now leave them long enough to update my blog without total chaos breaking out!

I did manage to attend my art classes last term and you will find the completed paintings under the Charcoal Drawings Tab and Oil Paintings Tab.  I have two W.I.P’s Poppies in Mixed Media Coloured Pencils and Toronto Skyline in Acrylics I will post them as soon as I finish them.

I am 3 weeks into my new art term and I have completed an Acrylic painting of some bottles incorporating Glaze Medium.  We had the option to go for a tradition view or a one-point perspective birds eye view.  As I really like perspective I opted for the one-point view.  I’m really pleased with the outcome and will definitely use Glaze Medium again in the future.  I have posted the painting under the Acrylics Paintings Tab.


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