Week 7 – Acrylics & Glaze Medium Continued

I finished the under painting for my Roses and I’m really pleased with the result.

Roses (WIP II)

I decided with my art teacher to add red and green glazes to the black background to help tie in the image and to soften the background making it more sympathetic.  The whole process for layering up the individual glazed took the full 2 hours of the lesson.

I found getting the tonal range for the colours easier by using the tonal underpainting, rather than trying to get the tonal range using just colour alone as I have done in the past.  I also felt much more confident adding the colour to the painting with having the tonal underpainting there to start with.  I think it’s because I like to work tonally when using Graphite or Charcoal so, painting the underpainting felt much more within my own comfort zone.  When it came to adding the colour, because I knew the tones were already right and dealt with I could relax and just enjoy building up the colours were they were needed.  When I paint with just colour alone I don’t feel as confident in my own abilities.

Working on the 9.5″ x 7″ canvas really suited the subject and made the whole process much more enjoyable.  I don’t think I would of enjoyed it as much had I gone really big like I usually do when painting.  I am so happy with the final painting and can’t wait to use that method again in the future.

You can see the final result posted under the Acrylic Paintings Tab.

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