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Latest Update

Not been able to post anything recently as I’ve been really busy.

Last year we lost our beloved Copper at the age of 14 she sadly had a stroke.  We then rescued a pup 4 months later, then after another 7 months we got another pup, so life got really busy.

Unfortunately this year we lost our Mia at the grand age of 15.

In between all of this I have still been attending art classes and I hope to upload my completed paintings soon.  I have some WIPs that I might also upload.

I have uploaded a new drawing to the Graphite tab, it’s a Standard Vanguard MKI.  It was my Father-in-Law’s first car, I gave him the drawing for his 70th birthday this year.  He was thrilled when he saw it.

Week 7 – Acrylics & Glaze Medium Continued

I finished the under painting for my Roses and I’m really pleased with the result.

Roses (WIP II)

I decided with my art teacher to add red and green glazes to the black background to help tie in the image and to soften the background making it more sympathetic.  The whole process for layering up the individual glazed took the full 2 hours of the lesson.

I found getting the tonal range for the colours easier by using the tonal underpainting, rather than trying to get the tonal range using just colour alone as I have done in the past.  I also felt much more confident adding the colour to the painting with having the tonal underpainting there to start with.  I think it’s because I like to work tonally when using Graphite or Charcoal so, painting the underpainting felt much more within my own comfort zone.  When it came to adding the colour, because I knew the tones were already right and dealt with I could relax and just enjoy building up the colours were they were needed.  When I paint with just colour alone I don’t feel as confident in my own abilities.

Working on the 9.5″ x 7″ canvas really suited the subject and made the whole process much more enjoyable.  I don’t think I would of enjoyed it as much had I gone really big like I usually do when painting.  I am so happy with the final painting and can’t wait to use that method again in the future.

You can see the final result posted under the Acrylic Paintings Tab.

Week 6 – Acrylics & Glaze Medium

This week and next week is all about glazes.  We had the option of working in either Traditional Oils, Artisan Oils or Acrylics.  I opted to use Acrylics and a Gloss Glaze Medium again after enjoying using them to do my Bottles.  This time however, instead of doing a full colour painting from the start, I have decided to do a tonal under painting and then put the glazes over the top.  I chose to use a black Gesso base again as I liked the effect and thought it would suit the subject.  I still have the under painting to complete but, I am really happy with the painting so far.

Roses (WIP I)


A Quick Catch Up On Recent Events

I apologise for the lack of recent posts but, I have been rather busy.

After losing our beloved Copper in January we decided we couldn’t live without another dog.  So, instead of getting just one we have taken on two puppies.  We got Gizmo (3/4 Staffy x 1/4 Lab) first he was 10 weeks old and is now 9 months old and then we got Lily (Lurcher) who was 9 weeks old and is now 5 months old.  Now they are a little older I can now leave them long enough to update my blog without total chaos breaking out!

I did manage to attend my art classes last term and you will find the completed paintings under the Charcoal Drawings Tab and Oil Paintings Tab.  I have two W.I.P’s Poppies in Mixed Media Coloured Pencils and Toronto Skyline in Acrylics I will post them as soon as I finish them.

I am 3 weeks into my new art term and I have completed an Acrylic painting of some bottles incorporating Glaze Medium.  We had the option to go for a tradition view or a one-point perspective birds eye view.  As I really like perspective I opted for the one-point view.  I’m really pleased with the outcome and will definitely use Glaze Medium again in the future.  I have posted the painting under the Acrylics Paintings Tab.


Weeks 5 & 6 – Project – Busy Street Scene

My art teacher brought in some black and white photographs for us to choose from.

Bar CentraleThere were loads but, I really liked this scene so decided to give it a try.  The only criteria we had to follow was that it must be Mixed Media.

I opted for Watercolours and pen.  I also felt I wanted to try a different approach to how I normally work.  So, I decided to try a loose, sketchy feel to it.  I wanted to convey the feeling of actually being there and the spontaneity of the painting rather than feeling as though it had been painted from a photograph.  I think it was fairly successful but, I’ll let you decide what you think.  I’ve posted the finished painting under the Mixed Media Paintings Tab.

Week 4 – Flame

This week’s lesson was a subject that I couldn’t wait to try!

We started off by looking at some images that my art teacher brought in on her laptop to give us an idea of how other artists had tackled the subject.  It was amazing seeing the way the flame had been painted and the way the light  was depicted even if the light source wasn’t visible to the viewer.

We then sat down to have a go for ourselves, I had taken my own candle in as I really like it.

Scented CandleThe camera was able to see the halo around the flame better than I could see with a naked eye so, I used this photo as a reference for putting that in.

I have posted my attempt under the Pastel Paintings tab I used Pastel Pencils.  I’m really happy with it and I really hope you like it too.

Week 3 – Still Life

Following on from last week’s practice session, this week’s lesson was to compose our own still life incorporating cloth.

I decided that oranges would look good on the green and white fabric.  I also opted for a mixed media painting using Watercolours and Watercolour pencils.

Oranges & Tea TowelI need to finish it at home and once I have I’ll post it in the Mixed Media Paintings tab.

Derwent Art Academy Lesson 6

Today I completed the final lesson of the Derwent Art Academy course.

This time it required the use Oil Pastels and Sgraffito technique to produce a painting.

Size A5 (6"x8") 21/01/2014

Size A5 (6″x8″)

I really enjoyed doing this and will definitely use the technique as part of a Mixed Media painting in the future.


Derwent Art Academy Lesson 5

Today I completed lesson 5 of the Derwent Art Academy course, it covered watercolour mixing and using the wet-in-wet technique.

The end result was to produce a painting of trees.

A3 (16"x12") 19/01/2014

A3 (16″x12″)

I’m not very happy with my painting really, I tried to work in the style of the artist and I found that really difficult. On the bright side though, it was accepted and I am now looking forward to the final lesson!



Week 2 – Cloth Study

Following on from last week’s observation lesson, we took a look at different folds in cloth.  I didn’t realise they had names!

We had the option of drawing the different folds or to make a study of the cloth we are going to use in our own composition in next week’s still life.

I opted to make a study of the tea towel that I am going to use next week.

Size A3 (16"x12") 13/01/2013

Size A3 (16″x12″)

I decided to use Pastel Pencils as I had more control over the more detailed parts of the cloth.  I found it really challenging but, thoroughly enjoyable.