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No Brushes!!!!

My art teacher came up with a great idea to do a painting without using brushes.

A4 (12″ x 8″)

I used a feather, palette knives, my fingers, cotton wool, natural and synthetic sponges.  I’m fairly happy considering it’s my first attempt at this type of painting.  I am eager to have another go as I really enjoyed the challenge.

Project Weeks 3 & 4 – Buttons

After doing 2 tonal drawings I decided it was time to do a large version in colour.

I opted for Acrylics as I have finally got used to using them and now actually like them.  My art teacher agreed with me that a restricted palette was the way to go.  I chose Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Magenta, Orange, Black and White.  I decided I wanted to do an abstract piece.

 The painting is posted under the Acrylics Painting tab.

Last Day of Term

Art class today was a mixture of emotions as it was the last day of term. 

I finally finished my Tea Tree of Life and I am so happy with the final painting.  I can’t to see how it ages and if it will continue to evolve as it does so.  We’ve asked if my painting can go on the wall in the room where we do are art.  If they give the go ahead I will be really pleased as everyone that goes into that room will see it.

I am really excited about an up and coming exhibition in July of our work and in September another exhibition is going to be held.  I won’t be exhibiting my Tea Tree of Life though as it’s too large to transport about easily.

I have posted it under the Mixed Media Paintings tab.

Project – Week 1 – Tea Tree of Life

I can’t believe it’s the start of project weeks already!!  As usual my art teacher suggested project titles and I have decided to do “Rubbish”.

The reason behind this was brought about that night whilst I was laying in bed thinking the title over.  My first thought was to paint a rubbish heap with seagulls flying over it and the machines used to move it.  I then concentrated on something my art teacher said “making something beautiful from rubbish”.  I then started thinking about recycling and what I personally use a lot of that I could recycle into something beautiful and I thought well I drink a lot of tea, then the idea of using used tea bags sprang to mind.  I was mulling over their shape, (I like Tetley and those bags are round).  I started thinking about doing a tree and I was immediately struck by Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life.  I got up and immediately wrote down my idea, as I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t sleep.

The next morning I got up and did this sketch.

Tea Tree of Life
A6 (4″ x 6″)

I knew I had an awful lot of preparation to do but luckily, I had 7 weeks in which to gather together everything I would need to bring my idea into fruition.

Firstly, I decided to dry out as many used teabags as I could and save them up.  Next was to purchase a canvas, I found a 40″ x 32″ canvas (it didn’t look that big in the shop…it looked huge when I got it home!)

Once, I had enough used teabags to start me off, I spray coated each one on both sides with Crystral Clear Acrylic Coating.  I then coated both sides in Gesso (allowing each side to dry first).  I then painted each one with Metallic Acrylic paints on both sides (allowing each side to dry first).  I painted 49 in total in 7 different colours.  I continued collecting the used teabags and only sealed them with the Acrylic Coating.

Tea Stained Canvas
40″ x 32″

The canvas I covered in cold tea (which really helped to add to the collection) and provided a wonderful background colour.

I couldn’t wait to get to my art class this morning.  After setting up my easel I set to work.

Tea Tree of Life (WIP I)
40″ x 32″

Apologises for the photograph, I managed to cut off the right-hand side.  I used regular Acrylic paints and some of the Metallic colours to paint the tree, I had also added tea leaves to the paint to add texture to the bark and leaves.

Tea Tree of Life (WIP II)
40″ x 32″

Using a hot glue gun I then set to work sticking the bottom teabags first to make the ground and then continued sticking the fruit onto the tree and adding some fallen fruit at the base too.  I thought I was finished so asked my art teacher her opinion.  She suggested fine gold lines on the tree bark and adding extra swirls to help the tree stand out further.  I was able to leave it on-site as it wasn’t fully dry enough to take home.

I am missing next week’s lesson due to a hospital appointment.  So this will get finished on the very last day of term.  In the meantime however, I have my miniature of the “Pork Pie Church” as URC is known locally to complete before the last day of term, so I will be kept busy.

Wellington Boots – Work In Progress

I made a start on this painting today in my art class, I’m using acrylics which, isn’t my favourite medium.  I have a long way to go before it is completed and lots of mistakes need to be corrected too.  I will post the final painting under the Acrylic Paintings tab once I have finally completed it.

The Penultimate Week Of Term

This week I decided to do 2 pieces of artwork using one of the ideas that my art teacher suggested, the theme was “Roads”.

I really liked the idea of doing 2 different versions.

The the first was an abstract collage, I have never done a collage before and I really enjoyed creating it.

The second version was again an abstract this time I decided to use acrylic paints.

I have posted both under the relevant tab headings.

Abstract Landscape I – Completed!

I finally finished my first abstract landscape today.  You can find it under the Acrylics tab.  I used lots of different techniques to achieve different effects for some of the fields.  I really enjoyed painting it.  I’m going to purchase some Acrylic Modelling Medium and do another one using some of that.  I’ll of course post that on here once it’s completed.

Abstract Landscape I – Update

Today in class my art teacher helped me work out which elements I’m going to use from my sketches.  I also had a really good play at creating different textures too.  I have made a start on my A3 painting.  I’m going to purchase some modelling medium for acrylics to see what effects I can create with that.  I’m really excited about this painting.  My art teacher says she can see a whole series of these coming from me!!

Abstract Landscape I – Work In Progress

At my art class on 20/01/12 my teacher set the subject Landscape with the options of doing either a traditional painting or an abstract version.  The other criteria set was to use a colour triad (we’re using the 3 primaries red, yellow and blue).  We could use either High Key colours or Low Key colours or a mixture of the two but, only one of each red, yellow or blue.  All the colours we need are to be mixed using just these 3 colours.

I’ve decided to do an abstract painting, and I have also decided that I’m not too keen on the Low Key colours as they are much more subdued where as the High Key colours really appeal to me probably, because they reflect more of my personality.

The paints that I am using are Reeves Acrylics.  The Low Key colours I tried were Brilliant Red (I wanted to use Burnt Sienna but, it was too brown and I couldn’t make a decent orange), Yellow Ochre and Cerulean Blue Hue.  The sketch at the bottom right (as you look at it) is the Low Key colours.

The other 3 sketches are all High Key colours and I’ve chosen to use Crimson, Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine.

The bottom left hand sketch (as you look at it) I was experimenting with textures unfortunately, the camera didn’t pick them up very well.  The purple field I applied the paint thickly with a knife then dabbed with the knife to produce a raised effect.  The lines in the red and green fields above the purple field were achieved by scrapping back with a knife.  The pink field was applied again with a knife and scrapped back in a random fashion to create another different texture.

I’ve still got some more sketches to do before I finally settle on the one that I am going to use to produce a larger finished painting.

I will of course keep you updated with the progress and I will post the finished painting as soon as it’s completed.