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First Day Back After Half-Term

For our homework over the half-term period we were given some of J.M.W. Turner’s paintings to research and then give a critique to the class about the painting(s) given.  I had 2 to research they were:

Light and Colour (Goethe’s Theory) – The Morning after the Deluge – Moses Writing the Book of Genesis)  I really like this painting it does feel like I am coming out of a huge storm and seeing the first glimpse of blue sky. I get a great sense of the violence of the water slowly calming down. The more I look at this painting the more I see.
The Slave shipThis painting fills me with mixed emotions. When I first looked at it I was drawn to it’s lovely sky and the movement of the sea which I love but, then I noticed the bodies left behind as the ship sails on to her destination. I can definitely see and feel the message that Turner was trying to convey.
After giving our critique’s we then tried using the lifting out technique to produce rocks that are visible under the surface of the water.  

Mountain Lake (WIP)

I decided to use oil paints today and later next week I will try the same technique with watercolours.