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New Term – Week 1

It was great being back in class today, there were lots of new faces as well as the more familiar ones.

We started off as we normally do with an observation session.  The new starters did mushrooms, whilst the rest of us had clothes hanging from an airer to attempt.

We could use any medium we liked so, I decided on to use Charcoal.

Size TBC  08/01/2014

Size A3 (16″x12″)

I’m really pleased with the way this turned out.  It was a challenge but, it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Seasons Greetings

I’d just like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

I’d also like to wish you happy holidays to those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

I hope you all enjoy lots of love, joy and happiness and of course lots of creativity….and booze!!….(if you drink!)

I hope 2014 a good year for us all.

Happy painting!!

Derwent Art Academy Lesson 4

Today I completed lesson 4 of the Derwent Art Academy course, it covered colour, tone and blending colour pencils.

I haven’t really done much colour pencil work before and I really enjoyed using them.  There were 2 subjects to choose from.  The first was a Cockerel and the second was a Blue Tit.

I opted to do the Blue Tit and I will be attempting the Cockerel in the near future.

Size A5 (6″ x 8″) 20/12/13
Blue Tit
A5 (8″ x 6″)

No Brushes!!!!

My art teacher came up with a great idea to do a painting without using brushes.

A4 (12″ x 8″)

I used a feather, palette knives, my fingers, cotton wool, natural and synthetic sponges.  I’m fairly happy considering it’s my first attempt at this type of painting.  I am eager to have another go as I really enjoyed the challenge.

Been Busy!

Well since the last day of term, I have been busy doing postcards for a charity auction for Age UK.  I haven’t had a chance to photograph them yet.  When I finally get round to doing so I shall post them on here.

I have also submitted some art to a local exhibition as part of the Northamptonshire Open Studios, you can see come along to Wren School, Wellingborough (that link takes you to the website giving opening times and address).

I am still working hard to promote the new website Hamtunscire Art and hope to sell some more art soon.

I still have lots of projects to finish so I have plenty to keep me out of mischief…for the time being at least!!


It’s been so hot recently that it’s zapped all my creativity at the moment.

I have several projects on the go so, once it cools down I shall get on and finish those and post them under the relevant tabs.

Shouldn’t complain about the weather really as we’ve had such an awful winter/spring but, I would like it a little be cooler.  Although, maybe painting with Acrylics might of been interesting!  They dry so fast I might of ended up with my paintbrush stuck to the canvas…I suppose it would make very interesting 3D art!!

Last Day of Term

Today was the last day of term, we set out our work and half an hour before the end of the lesson, our friends and family turned up.  We had laid on tea, coffee and something to eat for them.  There was a guy doing some videoing at the centre and he also came in to video us at work and our artwork out on display. 

We all said we would miss our Friday lessons and are all eagerly awaiting for the enrolment lines to open in July so that we can sign up again for the start of term in September.

My First Art Gallery

I went to The Walker Gallery today, I hadn’t been to an art gallery before so, wasn’t too sure what to expect. However, I loved every minute of it.  All downstairs was ceramics, sculptures, textiles etc. and upstairs was all the paintings.  I was totally awestruck at the shear expanse of space that was filled with wonderful works of art. There was art from the medieval periods all the way to modern art, some of the canvases were enormous.

I left feeling very inspired and eager to hone my own skills.  I am already looking forward to my next gallery visit whenever and wherever that may be!

First Painting Of 2012

I completed my first painting of the New Year today. It’s called Lime Hawk-moth (Mimas tiliae) II you will find it under the Mixed Media tab.

I’m really excited as next Friday will be the first day of the new term. I’ve already heard from my art teacher and the first couple of lessons will be observation. I can’t wait to show her my paintings and drawings that I’ve created in the break.