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New Term – Week 1

It was great being back in class today, there were lots of new faces as well as the more familiar ones.

We started off as we normally do with an observation session.  The new starters did mushrooms, whilst the rest of us had clothes hanging from an airer to attempt.

We could use any medium we liked so, I decided on to use Charcoal.

Size TBC  08/01/2014

Size A3 (16″x12″)

I’m really pleased with the way this turned out.  It was a challenge but, it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Derwent Art Academy – 3 Classes Done 3 To Go!

I decided to sign up to the online Derwent Art Academy course, once you complete the 6 classes and graduate you receive a certificate from the Academy and a tin of Derwent pencils!

I am really enjoying it, I’ve only completed 3 classes so far, they are great fun to do.  When you submit each of your drawings you receive an email and then the next lesson is unlocked.

I have posted my submissions under the Practice Pieces tab, why don’t you sign up and have a go yourself!

Project Week 2 – Buttons

I decided this week to use charcoal for my first A2 (16″x23″) composition.  I really like working in charcoal it’s great for working on large pieces and it’s really messy and fun!

For my mid tone I decided to use sandpaper to grate the charcoal against and then used a soft cloth and gently rubbed the charcoal into the paper.  I then used charcoal sticks and charcoal pencils.  I lifted out some of the charcoal with my putty rubber to create the highlights.

I have posted my drawing under the Charcoal Drawings tab.

Oil Bar & Charcoal

Today’s lesson was brilliant fun!

We had a play with Transparent Oil Bar and Charcoal.  The Oil Bar is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s oil paint in a bar.  To get the Oil Bar and Charcoal to blend softly we used white spirit.  It’s a really messy media to work with but, the effects you can create are really interesting.  I used different implements to create different effects and textures such as:  a toothpick, a palette knife, a paint brush and an old rag.  I also experimented with putting Charcoal under or over the Oil Bar.

I have posted my experimentations under the Practice Pieces Tab.

Autumn Term

Today was the first day of term and it was great to be back.  This term’s lessons look really interesting and I can’t wait to get going.

We started off as we always do with an observation session.  We could choose our own still life composition using a paper bag and a pear.  We could choose to use either pencils, charcoal or soft pastels.

I chose to use my new tinted charcoal pencils, black charcoal pencil, soft charcoal and white pastel pencil.  I have posted my finished drawing under the Charcoal Drawings tab.

Moving Water

Today’s lesson was all about moving water.  My art teacher showed us lots of different techniques to create a wave and the sense of movement.  We started off with charcoal and then moved on to colour.  I chose to use soft pastels after my charcoal drawing and I can’t wait to have a go with different paints. 

I have posted each picture under their respective tabs.

First Day Of A New Term

Today’s lesson was an observation of musical instruments.  I decided to do an Electric Guitar in charcoal.  Unfortunately, due to being a bit rusty, not using charcoal for a long time and the angle of the guitar I was really unhappy with the final result.

I am going to try and fix the problems or even completely re-do it before I post it.  I don’t feel I would be doing the subject justice if I post it now. 

I am fully aware than not every drawing/painting is going to be a “master piece” but, I don’t feel I really want to post my “failures” for everyone to see.

Every drawing/painting is a learning experience and I definitely learnt a lot today, and I did enjoy the process even if I was really unhappy with the end result.

Another Model

My art teacher invited another model to come to our class today, this time the challenge was to draw a figure clothed.

We started off with 3 sketches of only 10 minutes for each pose then, we did one pose broken down into 2 half hour slots with a 20 minute break in between.

I found it more challenging this week than the previous week as the clothes made the body bulkier and I needed to concentrate on the folds of the clothes more to give the figure more form and a more lifelike appearance.  I did really enjoy the lesson and feel more confident about sketching people in general.

I opted for charcoal again as it allows me to work bigger and faster.  I have posted the finished drawing under the Charcoal Drawings tab.

Life Model

My art teacher invited a life model today for us to have a go at drawing.  None of us have ever attempted to draw a figure so we were all in for a challenge.  We were advised to draw much bigger than we would normally.

I decided to use an A2 sketch pad and opted to use a charcoal pencil in order to force me to draw bigger and not get bogged down with too much detail either.  I really enjoyed the lesson and the time flew by.  You can find my drawings under the Charcoal Drawings tab.

Next week we will have another model to draw although, this time to add more of a challenge they will remain clothed.