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Weeks 5 & 6 – Project – Busy Street Scene

My art teacher brought in some black and white photographs for us to choose from.

Bar CentraleThere were loads but, I really liked this scene so decided to give it a try.  The only criteria we had to follow was that it must be Mixed Media.

I opted for Watercolours and pen.  I also felt I wanted to try a different approach to how I normally work.  So, I decided to try a loose, sketchy feel to it.  I wanted to convey the feeling of actually being there and the spontaneity of the painting rather than feeling as though it had been painted from a photograph.  I think it was fairly successful but, I’ll let you decide what you think.  I’ve posted the finished painting under the Mixed Media Paintings Tab.

Week 3 – Still Life

Following on from last week’s practice session, this week’s lesson was to compose our own still life incorporating cloth.

I decided that oranges would look good on the green and white fabric.  I also opted for a mixed media painting using Watercolours and Watercolour pencils.

Oranges & Tea TowelI need to finish it at home and once I have I’ll post it in the Mixed Media Paintings tab.

Week 2 – Cloth Study

Following on from last week’s observation lesson, we took a look at different folds in cloth.  I didn’t realise they had names!

We had the option of drawing the different folds or to make a study of the cloth we are going to use in our own composition in next week’s still life.

I opted to make a study of the tea towel that I am going to use next week.

Size A3 (16"x12") 13/01/2013

Size A3 (16″x12″)

I decided to use Pastel Pencils as I had more control over the more detailed parts of the cloth.  I found it really challenging but, thoroughly enjoyable.

New Term – Week 1

It was great being back in class today, there were lots of new faces as well as the more familiar ones.

We started off as we normally do with an observation session.  The new starters did mushrooms, whilst the rest of us had clothes hanging from an airer to attempt.

We could use any medium we liked so, I decided on to use Charcoal.

Size TBC  08/01/2014

Size A3 (16″x12″)

I’m really pleased with the way this turned out.  It was a challenge but, it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Project Week 2 – Buttons

I decided this week to use charcoal for my first A2 (16″x23″) composition.  I really like working in charcoal it’s great for working on large pieces and it’s really messy and fun!

For my mid tone I decided to use sandpaper to grate the charcoal against and then used a soft cloth and gently rubbed the charcoal into the paper.  I then used charcoal sticks and charcoal pencils.  I lifted out some of the charcoal with my putty rubber to create the highlights.

I have posted my drawing under the Charcoal Drawings tab.

Project Week 1 – Buttons

This is the first day of the start of our project weeks.  The criteria for the project is to use small objects (I’ve chosen buttons), do a drawing/painting maximum size of A5 (5″x7″) and then do another drawing/painting minimum size of A2 (16″x23″).

I spent today working out the composition for my graphite drawing.  I have decided I’m going to use A6 (4″x6″) paper and do a life-size drawing in graphite.

I’ll post it under the Graphite Drawings tab once I’ve completed it.

Fishing Village Project – Week 1

My art teacher has come up with a great idea for a project to really stretch us.

We had to choose a black and white photograph of a fishing village and then decide on the composition we liked to make a painting from.

I choose this scene and cropped it down.

I really wanted to make the boat the focal point of my painting.

Fishing Village (WIP I)

I have drawn it out onto watercolour paper and now need to decide on what colours, medium and style I am going to paint it in.  I’m going to start my colour choice by making colour swatches using only 3 watercolours and then decide on style afterwards.