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Goldwing Trike 1800 – Completed

I finally finished the Goldwing Trike today and I am so happy with the final result. It took me in total 6 hours to do (each session broken down to about 15 minutes each). 

I haven’t decided if I am going to do the 1500GL version next or my friend’s Triumph Bonneville. Whichever, one I decide on will be a whole new challenge!

 I have posted the completed drawing under the Graphite Drawings tab.

Another Goldwing But…With A Difference!

I couldn’t resist doing another Goldwing as I really enjoyed the last one I did.  However, this time I decided on a trike.

Goldwing Trike 1800 (WIP)

So far I have spent about 4 hours (not all in one sitting) just to get to this stage.  I am really enjoying the new challenges that I have been faced with so far.  I can’t wait to see the end result but, have quite a way to go yet.

I’m Really Happy!!

My friend called in to see me today and I was finally able to show him the 2 versions of his Goldwing that I did for him ages ago.

He was delighted with them both, I was so amazed by his reaction!  I’ve been worrying encase he didn’t like them.

I’m going to get the watercolour and the graphite version framed for him.  Once, I have done that then, he can have them.  I’m really happy!!

Goldwing Completed

Today, I finally finished my tonal drawing of a Honda Goldwing 1500 GL.  I didn’t think I would ever get it finished, as it took 7 hours to complete (15 minutes each session)!!

I did thoroughly enjoy doing it though and I found it really challenging too, I’ve posted it under the Graphite Drawings tab.

Goldwing – Work In Progress

Dave (Hubby) suggested that as I’ve painted this motorbike in watercolours why not try doing a tonal drawing of it.  So, today I decided to give it a go.  


I’m finding it quite a challenge!  The scanner hasn’t picked up the two aerials at the back so, I’ll have to draw them darker for them to show up.  The drawing is on A4 sketch paper.