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Derwent Art Academy – 3 Classes Done 3 To Go!

I decided to sign up to the online Derwent Art Academy course, once you complete the 6 classes and graduate you receive a certificate from the Academy and a tin of Derwent pencils!

I am really enjoying it, I’ve only completed 3 classes so far, they are great fun to do.  When you submit each of your drawings you receive an email and then the next lesson is unlocked.

I have posted my submissions under the Practice Pieces tab, why don’t you sign up and have a go yourself!

Project Week 1 – Buttons

This is the first day of the start of our project weeks.  The criteria for the project is to use small objects (I’ve chosen buttons), do a drawing/painting maximum size of A5 (5″x7″) and then do another drawing/painting minimum size of A2 (16″x23″).

I spent today working out the composition for my graphite drawing.  I have decided I’m going to use A6 (4″x6″) paper and do a life-size drawing in graphite.

I’ll post it under the Graphite Drawings tab once I’ve completed it.

Miniature Completed!!

Today, I completed my miniature of the United Reform Church in Wellingborough using the photograph that John Larkin kindly gave me permission to use.

I haven’t done any architecture using only graphite before and I was a little nervous about the way it would turn out. I deliberately left the background blank as I wanted to keep the focus on the church.

It was definitely challenging and I learnt so much by doing it.  There are of course somethings I would like to change or do differently but, all in all,  I am really pleased with the final result.

I have posted the drawing under the Graphite Drawings tab.

Week 7 – Jigsaw & Miniature

This week we started on our group project which is a jigsaw based on this photograph that my art teacher took.  We all agreed this was the best one to do from a selection that she had taken.

Market Street, Wellingborough

She enlarged the photo and cut it up and gave us all a piece.  The only colours we can use are:- Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre, Black & White, we can use any medium we like.

Market Street, Wellingborough (WIP)

This is my puzzle piece and I have chosen to use Watercolours on Bockingford Watercolour paper.  I am hoping to have it completed by the next lesson.

We also were given a miniature to do based on the theme “Northamptonshire”, the size must be A6 (4″x6″) in black and white only.  I have chosen this photograph by John Larkin, who has kindly given me permission to use his photograph (I have watermarked it on his behalf to ensure that it isn’t downloaded without his permission).

URC High St, Wellingborough by John Larkin

I am going to use graphite pencil and hopefully do this beautiful photograph the justice it deserves.

Goldwing Trike 1800 – Completed

I finally finished the Goldwing Trike today and I am so happy with the final result. It took me in total 6 hours to do (each session broken down to about 15 minutes each). 

I haven’t decided if I am going to do the 1500GL version next or my friend’s Triumph Bonneville. Whichever, one I decide on will be a whole new challenge!

 I have posted the completed drawing under the Graphite Drawings tab.

Another Goldwing But…With A Difference!

I couldn’t resist doing another Goldwing as I really enjoyed the last one I did.  However, this time I decided on a trike.

Goldwing Trike 1800 (WIP)

So far I have spent about 4 hours (not all in one sitting) just to get to this stage.  I am really enjoying the new challenges that I have been faced with so far.  I can’t wait to see the end result but, have quite a way to go yet.


In my art class over the coming weeks we will be looking at water.  Today was great fun trying out different techniques both in pencil and watercolour to try and depict still water. 

We started off by using the side of the pencil and rolling it on the paper then going back in and defining some areas. 

We then looked at different techniques using watercolours by experimenting with, dry brush technique, wax resist, Masking Fluid, Gloss Medium for Acrylics, Iridescent Medium for Watercolours and some wet-in-wet technique.

I will upload the images and post them under the Practice Pieces tab. 


Following on from last week’s lesson today was all about eyes.

We sat 4 to a table (2 either side) and took it in turns to draw each other’s eyes.  I was surprised to find for a subject we look at every day, just how much we take them for granted until it comes to drawing them.

After drawing each other’s eyes in graphite my art teacher gave us some magazine pictures.  This time we were going to use Soft Pastels, to introduce some colour.  I’ve posted both under the Practice Pieces tabs.

Next week we are going to tackle a full portrait either stylised or tradition.  I’m planning on doing a stylised self portrait in oils.  I’ll post the completed painting as soon as it’s done.

Still Life

I did a some still life drawings today at my art class and we used different techniques to create different textures.

I have posted the last of the three drawings that I did under the Graphite Drawings tab as it combined the most techniques learnt throughout the lesson.

It was really fun to do a still life combining a chopping board, fresh bread, a melon, a bunch of grapes, an aubergine and a tea towel.  It was a complete change from doing shiny paintwork on motorbikes!  I learnt a great deal today and I am really looking forward to putting different textures into my future artwork.