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Project – Week 3

Today I finally finished my landscape.  I am really happy with the way the first draft has turned out.  I learnt a lot from doing it and I can see the mistakes I made so, hopefully when I re-do it I will be able to correct them.

Using the combination of watercolours, white gouache and pastel pencils really helped with this tricky landscape.  When I re-do it I will bear in mind that I need to preserve some of the lightness of the watercolour washes.  I also need to allow the colours to blend more on the paper and not to fiddle too much with them.

I have posted the finished painting under the Mixed Media tab.

Project – Week 2

During my lesson today I managed to progress the watercolours further and altering some of them to make them stand out more. I removed the Masking Fluid and decided to get some white pastel pencil on to make a start on the waterfalls and whirlpools.  In my next lesson I am hoping to progress the water further and to look at areas to make sure there is enough contrast.

Although, this is a challenging subject, I am loving painting it and I am learning a great deal from it.

Elakala Waterfalls, West Virginia (WIP II)

Project Time – Week 1

This term we only have one theme and it is of course Water!

The ideas I had were so many I had a hard time choosing what to do.  I first thought about a still life then, changed my mind to a landscape.  I had a look at Google images and chose this photo, I’m not sure who the photographer was.

Hunsett Mill, Norfolk

I then decided to have a further look on Google and found this photograph,unfortunately I don’t know who the photographer was so, I am unable to credit them.

Elakala Waterfalls, West Virginia

I fell in love with the waterfalls and the whirlpool in the foreground.  I showed my art teacher as I couldn’t decide which to do.  We both agreed on Elakala Waterfalls in the end.

Elakala Waterfalls, West Virginia (WIP I)

I decided that the subject would suit a mix media approach so after doing the under drawing and masking off areas with Masking Fluid, I decided to start off with watercolours.

Wet-in-Wet Oil Technique

Today in my art class we learnt a new wet-in-wet technique for oil paintings.

We each chose a painting that inspired us then once we started off laying a base of liquid white oil paint all over the entire board (it’s really goes on smoothly and is totally different to normal oil paints), then using just the slightest amount of blue we painted in the sky then, painted the water and then started on the distant background and then built up the foreground and the trees.

I really enjoyed this technique although it isn’t suitable if you use water-mixable oils so, I used my teacher’s traditional oil paints.  I was very surprised at how little colour was needed to produce the sky and the water.  With the under painting all the colours really glided on it and mixing the colours actually on the board was so easy.

You can see my finished landscape under the Oil Paintings tab.