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Week 4 – Flame

This week’s lesson was a subject that I couldn’t wait to try!

We started off by looking at some images that my art teacher brought in on her laptop to give us an idea of how other artists had tackled the subject.  It was amazing seeing the way the flame had been painted and the way the light  was depicted even if the light source wasn’t visible to the viewer.

We then sat down to have a go for ourselves, I had taken my own candle in as I really like it.

Scented CandleThe camera was able to see the halo around the flame better than I could see with a naked eye so, I used this photo as a reference for putting that in.

I have posted my attempt under the Pastel Paintings tab I used Pastel Pencils.  I’m really happy with it and I really hope you like it too.


Week 3 – Still Life

Following on from last week’s practice session, this week’s lesson was to compose our own still life incorporating cloth.

I decided that oranges would look good on the green and white fabric.  I also opted for a mixed media painting using Watercolours and Watercolour pencils.

Oranges & Tea TowelI need to finish it at home and once I have I’ll post it in the Mixed Media Paintings tab.

Week 2 – Cloth Study

Following on from last week’s observation lesson, we took a look at different folds in cloth.  I didn’t realise they had names!

We had the option of drawing the different folds or to make a study of the cloth we are going to use in our own composition in next week’s still life.

I opted to make a study of the tea towel that I am going to use next week.

Size A3 (16"x12") 13/01/2013

Size A3 (16″x12″)

I decided to use Pastel Pencils as I had more control over the more detailed parts of the cloth.  I found it really challenging but, thoroughly enjoyable.

New Term – Week 1

It was great being back in class today, there were lots of new faces as well as the more familiar ones.

We started off as we normally do with an observation session.  The new starters did mushrooms, whilst the rest of us had clothes hanging from an airer to attempt.

We could use any medium we liked so, I decided on to use Charcoal.

Size TBC  08/01/2014

Size A3 (16″x12″)

I’m really pleased with the way this turned out.  It was a challenge but, it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Week 2 – Observation

Today’s lesson was all about contour lines and using pen again.  We had a selection of objects to choose from and I chose a length of rope.

I was advised to do just did a section of it as it’s a really complicated subject to tackle.

Rope (WIP)

I decided to work on A5 Daler-Rowney Heavy-weight cartidge paper, I only got this far in class so, I finished it at home.  I have posted the finished drawing under the Pen & Ink Drawings tab.

First Lesson Of Term

This morning my art teacher had lined up a very challenging observation lesson to kick-start the new term, we had to sketch baskets!

My art teacher started off explaining how to breakdown the composition to make it easier to tackle.  The first basket I attempted I couldn’t do I just couldn’t render the close weave of the basket.  I switched to another one, only to be told by my art teacher that the one I was managing much better was actually far more complicated!  After 20 minutes of drawing that basket my art teacher swapped them all around so we had another different basket to have a go at. 

I really enjoyed the challenge and I will definitely not shy away from objects in the future, if at first I think they are too complicated, I will try and break it down as my art teacher did to more manageable sections to recreate it.

We had the option of doing a tonal drawing or to introduce colour in any medium of our choice.  I chose to paint mine in watercolours as I wanted to work quicker and complete them in class.  I knew if I did a tonal piece which I would of done normally I wouldn’t complete one let alone two.  I’ve posted my basket studies under the Sketches tab.

Next week is Pointillism and I have never ever attempted it so can’t wait for the lesson!

First Lesson Back!!

Today was the first lesson back, it was so great meeting up again after the break.  There were some new faces too which is always nice.

The first couple of lessons are being dedicated to observation.  My art teacher brought in some materials to make up our own composition to draw or paint.

This is my composition.

I have chosen to do a tonal piece using only graphite, it’s posted under the Graphite Drawings Tab.