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Finished Works In Pointillism

Today, at my art class I started my two ATC/ACEO’s.  I had already planned what I wanted to do before the lesson and had lightly drawn the designs onto the cards to save time.

Quite a few of my class mates just couldn’t get on with Pointillism so, they made a start on their projects.  I started the “I Love Art” in the lesson and then finished it off when I got home.  I decided to to the other ATC/ACEO afterwards just so I had them both done ready to show my art teacher next week.  You can find them under the ATC/ACEO tab.  I haven’t titled one of them yet as I’m not too sure what to call it.


In art today my art teacher got us to explore the different techniques of Pointillism.

I really enjoyed experimenting with different strokes and different combinations of colour to create optical colour blends.

As you can see below these are the different strokes and colour mixes I came up with using watercolours.

In next week’s lesson I am going to attempt a couple of ATC/ACEO’s in Pointillism just to see what the effect will be and also to have a couple of completed pieces in this style.  I’ve chosen to do those as they are small enough to finish.  Some Pointillism paintings can take years to complete….I don’t think I have that much patience!