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Skin Tones

In today’s lesson we started to look at portraits.  We first looked at Amedeo Modigliani’s portraits to get a feel for the different ways he used for his portraits.  My art teacher had printed out some line drawings of a lady for us to practice our skin tones on.  We had brought in some pictures cut out of magazines or photos of ourselves to use as colour reference.  My art teacher advised us to use oil paints for this exercise as they are easier to blend than, Watercolours or Acrylics.

I’ve posted my portrait under the Practice Pieces tab, I’m not happy with the portrait as it stands but, I am really happy with the skin tones and so is my teacher.

The Final Week Of Term

Well today was filled with mixed emotions, I was really happy to be at my art class but, also sad that it was the last day of term too.

For the final lesson, I decided to do something I’ve never done before, I chose to use oil paints to paint an abstract.  I will post it under the Oil Paintings tab once I’ve completed it.

In three weeks time, the new course will begin and I am already looking forward to what my art teacher has in mind for us.  I already know the project titles they are, Architecture, A Gathering and Foliage.  I haven’t decided on which title I’m going to do yet.