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Weeks 3 & 4 – Progression of Work and/or Observation

At today’s lesson we could work in either oil or acrylic and work with white, black and one other colour or pen and watercolour wash.  The idea was to either use the sketches we have already done or a new observation to do a tonal painting.  I chose to use pen and watercolour.

My first couple of sketches were solely from my glass sketch from the first week.  I then decided, to do an observational study of another bottle.  I found it easier to use my original sketch to work from rather than the observaion.  The very first and last sketches were solely using a water-soluable pen, I liked the lightness of the first one and decided for the final sketch to see what effect I would get by darkening it down.  I must admit I do prefer the first one.

I have posted all of the sketches under the Sketches tab.