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Derwent Art Academy Lesson 5

Today I completed lesson 5 of the Derwent Art Academy course, it covered watercolour mixing and using the wet-in-wet technique.

The end result was to produce a painting of trees.

A3 (16"x12") 19/01/2014

A3 (16″x12″)

I’m not very happy with my painting really, I tried to work in the style of the artist and I found that really difficult. On the bright side though, it was accepted and I am now looking forward to the final lesson!




Derwent Art Academy – 3 Classes Done 3 To Go!

I decided to sign up to the online Derwent Art Academy course, once you complete the 6 classes and graduate you receive a certificate from the Academy and a tin of Derwent pencils!

I am really enjoying it, I’ve only completed 3 classes so far, they are great fun to do.  When you submit each of your drawings you receive an email and then the next lesson is unlocked.

I have posted my submissions under the Practice Pieces tab, why don’t you sign up and have a go yourself!

Fishing Village Project – Week 3

Today’s art class was centred around finishing our Fishing Villages.

I was really pleased that I was actually able to complete mine within the 2 hours.

We laid our work out on the floor and it was amazing to see the diversity of our interpretations.  The majority of us used restricted palettes and you could see the harmony of the colours really well. 

Some people still have their paintings to complete so, we are going to bring all the paintings back again once completed.  It will be interesting to see the final results.

I ended up adding Gouache to my painting so, I have posted it under the Mixed Media tab.

Fishing Village Project – Week 2

I had painted some colour swatches during the week but, still remained undecided as to which colours to use.  I decided to ask my art teacher today what she thought.  In the end I opted for a 4 colour-triad of Vermilion, Lemon Yellow, Cerulean and Ultramarine.

Fishing Village (WIP II)

I am optimistic that I will be able to complete this painting during next week’s lesson.

Jigsaw Piece

I finally completed my puzzle piece today. 

I’ve used a little bit of Gouache on the tree just to help it stand out a little bit from the background.  I just hope it looks ok once it’s put together with everyone elses.  I’ll take a photograph of the completed puzzle and post it on here so you can see the full picture.

Week 7 – Jigsaw & Miniature

This week we started on our group project which is a jigsaw based on this photograph that my art teacher took.  We all agreed this was the best one to do from a selection that she had taken.

Market Street, Wellingborough

She enlarged the photo and cut it up and gave us all a piece.  The only colours we can use are:- Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre, Black & White, we can use any medium we like.

Market Street, Wellingborough (WIP)

This is my puzzle piece and I have chosen to use Watercolours on Bockingford Watercolour paper.  I am hoping to have it completed by the next lesson.

We also were given a miniature to do based on the theme “Northamptonshire”, the size must be A6 (4″x6″) in black and white only.  I have chosen this photograph by John Larkin, who has kindly given me permission to use his photograph (I have watermarked it on his behalf to ensure that it isn’t downloaded without his permission).

URC High St, Wellingborough by John Larkin

I am going to use graphite pencil and hopefully do this beautiful photograph the justice it deserves.

Weeks 3 & 4 – Progression of Work and/or Observation

At today’s lesson we could work in either oil or acrylic and work with white, black and one other colour or pen and watercolour wash.  The idea was to either use the sketches we have already done or a new observation to do a tonal painting.  I chose to use pen and watercolour.

My first couple of sketches were solely from my glass sketch from the first week.  I then decided, to do an observational study of another bottle.  I found it easier to use my original sketch to work from rather than the observaion.  The very first and last sketches were solely using a water-soluable pen, I liked the lightness of the first one and decided for the final sketch to see what effect I would get by darkening it down.  I must admit I do prefer the first one.

I have posted all of the sketches under the Sketches tab.