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Derwent Art Academy Lesson 5

Today I completed lesson 5 of the Derwent Art Academy course, it covered watercolour mixing and using the wet-in-wet technique.

The end result was to produce a painting of trees.

A3 (16"x12") 19/01/2014

A3 (16″x12″)

I’m not very happy with my painting really, I tried to work in the style of the artist and I found that really difficult. On the bright side though, it was accepted and I am now looking forward to the final lesson!




Flowers Continued

Today, I started another flower painting this time however, I used a totally different approach.  Instead of masking out the flowers, I decided to wet the entire sheet of paper and drop random colours all over it and just let them bleed together and mix on the paper.  Whilst I was waiting for that to dry I was able to finish my Poppy that I started last week.

Once the background was completely dry I picked out the shapes of Tulips and enhanced them by strengthening the background around them rather than painting the Tulips themselves. 

I really loved both techniques and I will definitely use them both in the future.

I have posted both paintings under the Mixed Media Paintings Tabs as once they were both dry I then added some pastel pencil to strengthen and enhance them.

Flowers – Wet-in-Wet Watercolour Technique & Masking Fluid

Today we learnt how to paint flowers using a wet-in-wet technique and using lots of masking fluid.

I decided to use a reference photograph of a Poppy that I had taken some time ago, after doing the initial loose under-drawing, I then used Masking Fluid to mask out the entire flower.  Once, completely dry I then put on the background using the wet-in-wet technique. 

Once, the background was dry I was able to take the Masking Fluid off, revealing the start white of the flower.

I didn’t get a chance to finish it today so, I’ll take it to my next lesson and finish it off whilst, starting a new painting.

Wet-in-Wet Oil Technique

Today in my art class we learnt a new wet-in-wet technique for oil paintings.

We each chose a painting that inspired us then once we started off laying a base of liquid white oil paint all over the entire board (it’s really goes on smoothly and is totally different to normal oil paints), then using just the slightest amount of blue we painted in the sky then, painted the water and then started on the distant background and then built up the foreground and the trees.

I really enjoyed this technique although it isn’t suitable if you use water-mixable oils so, I used my teacher’s traditional oil paints.  I was very surprised at how little colour was needed to produce the sky and the water.  With the under painting all the colours really glided on it and mixing the colours actually on the board was so easy.

You can see my finished landscape under the Oil Paintings tab.