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Fishing Village Project – Week 3

Today’s art class was centred around finishing our Fishing Villages.

I was really pleased that I was actually able to complete mine within the 2 hours.

We laid our work out on the floor and it was amazing to see the diversity of our interpretations.  The majority of us used restricted palettes and you could see the harmony of the colours really well. 

Some people still have their paintings to complete so, we are going to bring all the paintings back again once completed.  It will be interesting to see the final results.

I ended up adding Gouache to my painting so, I have posted it under the Mixed Media tab.

Jigsaw Piece

I finally completed my puzzle piece today. 

I’ve used a little bit of Gouache on the tree just to help it stand out a little bit from the background.  I just hope it looks ok once it’s put together with everyone elses.  I’ll take a photograph of the completed puzzle and post it on here so you can see the full picture.