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My Hand

I finally finished my hand sketch today and I also completed another sketch of my hand holding a glass.  I have posted them both under the Sketches Tab.

My Hand – Work In Progress

Hands are difficult to draw so, in today’s lesson we concentrated on finding the best ways to go about drawing them.

We started off drawing around our own hands and then filling in the detail and tones.  As you can see I haven’t finished mine yet so, I’ll finish it at home later.  We were also going to try different poses.  Only a couple of people managed to do 2 different sketches.  I’m going to do some different poses.  It was also suggested that we get a mirror and draw our hand’s reflection and a final challenge is to draw our hand holding a clear glass.  I’m keen to try that too, so, once they are completed I will post them.

The next 3 weeks of term will be for project work.  I have chosen to do a cottage door with flowers around the door frame.  This incorporates 2 of the project titles Architecture and Foliage.  I’m really looking forward to starting it.